Hamilton North School

Specialist Learning Centre

Information on Absence and Sickness of Children for Parents

Student Absences

All student absences need to be phoned through to Hamilton North School on 849 3029.

The bus company Go Bus must also be informed:

  • Hamilton Area: 07 846 1975 extn 883
  • Huntly, Ngaruawahia & Waipa Area: 07 828 7037
  • Te Awamutu Area: 07 871 6373

If you intend to pick up a student yourself, it is your responsibility to contact Go Bus to let them know prior to pick up.

Health Concerns

The Board of Trustees uses the following guidelines when students are sick:


Recommended Recovery Time

Vomiting Until 24 hours after last vomit, and managed to keep food down.
Diarrhoea Until 24 hours after last runny bowel motion.
Conjunctivitis Until eye discharge has ceased.
Measles For at least four days after onset of rash.
Whooping Cough For five days after antibiotics treatment commenced.
Mumps For nine days or when swelling has gone.
Chicken Pox For seven days from the onset of the rash and scabs are gone.
School sores / Impetigo For 48 hours after antibiotics started.
Infectious discharge / uncovered lesions Until 24 hours after treatment has started and/or discharge has ceased.
Streptococcal Throat For 48 hours after antibiotics started.
General Anaesthetic Allow 2 days to be fully alert.
Cold / Flu Symptoms Until temperature has returned to normal and the nose is clear.
Ears Until discharge or pain has ceased.
General unwellness / unfit state for learning Until symptoms cease (e.g. at least 24 hours after last high temperature - above 37.5°C) and student is in a fit state to be involved in full school day's activities.

Students who require pain relief (e.g. Pamol/Panadol or Cold/Flu medication) are not well enough to attend school and therefore need to be kept home.

The school may ask for a medical certificate before the student is allowed to return to school.

School is a place for learning and children who are unwell need to be at home resting so that they are ready for learning on their return.